Property Management on the Gold Coast

The sixth most populous city in Australia, the Gold Coast, has plenty to offer property investors and potential tenants. Because of its sunny climate and major tourist hotspots, it’s no wonder that more and more people are planning to migrate, transfer or temporarily reside in the land of surf, skyline and nightlife.Just about everyone loves The Coast and property investors are no different. I’m sure that many investment decisions are made wearing “rose colored holiday glasses”. Next thing these investors know is they are looking for good property management for their new Gold Coast property!Whether you’re the property owner or the potential tenant, the right property management company is so important. This is especially true in South East Queensland. In the 1980′s and 1990′s the “glitter strip” became known as the sleaze capital of Australia when it came to property investment. Every shyster and con-artist worth his or her salt wound up on the Gold Coast flogging dodgy investment deals to unsuspecting folk from the southern states.Today the “Glitter Strip” has shaken off its reputation as the destination for “want to-bees” looking to turn a fast buck. Today serious property investors look to Queensland, and the Gold Coast in particular, as fertile ground for profitable property investment.Many investors have purchased multiple properties on The Coast as the price of good property in good locations there is very cheap when compared to prices in Sydney and Melbourne where the majority of investors reside.Since the big majority of Gold Coast property investors live elsewhere in the country it makes sense that they would be looking for a local company to manage their investment. After all, many investors have tried to do this for themselves and eventually found that they could not manage the property adequately. If the property becomes vacant they have to hop on a plane to interview new tenants. If there are plumbing, electrical, pest, gas or other maintenance issues they have to track down local contractors. Managing a property from “out of town” is a logistic nightmare. Better leave it to the professionalsHowever, be careful in your choice of a Property Management company, especially on the Gold Coast. Look for someone who knows and loves the coast, someone who has a long term commitment to property investors and tenants alike and, above all, look for someone whose sole responsibility is to manage properties. These specialist property managers will look after your property better than you can, are probably cheaper than you can achieve on your own and, they know the best local contractors to make sure you get a good deal on those emergency repairs.

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