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Factoring: The Inexpensive Alternative for Financing Your Business

If you own a business – large or small – you need to know about the fast and convenient alternative to business financing or loans from a bank: factoring. Sometimes known as invoice factoring or accounts receivable factoring, this service involves giving any or all of your invoices to a factoring company who purchases your invoices at a small discount, so you receive immediate cash. Many times a factoring company will take on the credit risk of collecting on the invoice.Whether your company is just starting out or you have been in business for a while, you can use factoring as an inexpensive financial tool to relieve cash flow pressure caused by slow paying customers. Instead of waiting weeks or months to be paid for your invoices on products you’ve already delivered or services you’ve already performed, you receive cash in as little as just a few days.Some of the major benefits of factoring include:- No upfront fees – This is not a loan, so there’s nothing to pay back, no monthly payments and no minimum term contracts. Once your cash flow has improved you can stop sending your invoices with no penalty whatsoever.- Fast funding – Unlike a bank that requires a lengthy approval process, factoring services are simple and fast. There are minimal forms to fill out, and many companies will let you know if you qualify in just a few days or even in as little as 24 hours.- Easy credit qualifications – In general, factoring companies don’t rely on personal credit scores, business history or lengthy application periods as with traditional funding. Instead they rely on the credit worthiness of your customer.- Friendly, confidential consulting – Since the factoring company wants to maintain your trust, most companies will work much harder to ensure your account is always serviced promptly and properly. You can always feel free to ask any questions about the process or other services offered at the company.- Purchase new equipment – With the money you receive from your invoices you can do a wide number of things. Unlike a bank loan, you do not have to specify exactly what you will be doing with the funds. One of the things you can do is purchase new updated equipment for your business. This can help you perform services faster or bring in more clientele, thereby increasing your overall ROI.- Purchase inventory/seasonal merchandise – Many retail companies encounter difficulties buying seasonal merchandise in addition to the stock they already have on hand. With the fast cash you receive from your invoices you can purchase more of the big seasonal sellers in your industry and in turn sell more products.- Expand your business ‘Use the cash you receive from your invoices to expand your business and bring in more customers.- Pay off debt or taxes – It happens to nearly every business, large or small. Tax time sneaks up on you and you can’t cover your business taxes, or maybe you just have a lot of debt to pay off. Instead of waiting 30, 60 or 90 days for clients to pay their invoices, you can receive fast cash to pay off bills that are nearing their due date.- Use towards marketing or advertising – You’d be surprised what a little local advertising can do for your company. Bring in more business by using the cash you receive from your invoices for new marketing efforts or advertising campaigns.- Keep as emergency funding – Everybody needs a rainy day fund. Stash some of your fast cash away for emergency funding. Next time one of your company’s vehicles needs repairs or a pipe breaks in your building, you won’t be left floundering.With so many great benefits, it’s essential to be aware of good factoring companies that can help you out with this inexpensive financing alternative when you’re in a pinch.

Beginning Photography Tips – Simple Tips For Better Photos

Here are some tips to make your photo taking better. Most people never bother to take the time to learn a bit about basic photography so the pictures they take are really terrible. The good news is with the advent of digital photography we can now see the result of our picture taking almost instantly. This is really great because we have another chance to take a photo of a once in a lifetime event. Here are some tips that based on my experience will help most beginners out there.Beginning Photography Tips #1 – Buy the right camera for the job
Many people make the mistake of buying the wrong camera for their needs. Consider some basic criteria which will make the decision easier. Are you a point and shoot person? Do you need a camera that takes great pictures out of the box without adjusting anything? Finding a camera that needs little or no adjustment is important if you just want to press the shutter button and nothing else. Also, what size prints do you normally make? If you normally just make 4×6 prints then anything above 4 megapixel will do just fine. Consider the speed of the camera. Do you take pictures at sporting events? If you do, you need a camera that boots up fast and has a very low shutter lag.Beginning Photography Tips #2 – Compose the photo
How many times do we need to see a photo of someone’s face with the top of their head cut off? Really, centering a person’s face in the picture does not a portrait make. Take the time to compose your picture. Off center photos have more interest. If you subject is so small that you need a magnifying glass to pick them out in the scene, you should have zoomed in a little more. You can also experiment with camera angles. Take a picture from above or below the subject for an interesting twist. Use you judgment here because you don’t want to shoot a picture angled down your girlfriend’s mother’s dress!Beginning Photography Tips #3 – Use both hands to stabilize the camera
I can’t stress this enough! Every single time I go to one of our kid’s events, I see some parent waving their camera with one hand and shooting pictures like there’s no tomorrow. Here’s a news flash: those pictures will really be out of focus. It is bad enough having poor indoor lighting; using one hand and shaking the camera makes it ten times worse. Use both hands to keep the camera steady especially if there is not enough light.Beginning Photography Tips #4 – Don’t shoot pictures with the light behind your subject
Yes, everyone does this at one time or another. If your boyfriend is standing in front of the window and you take a photo, all you are going to get is a dark outline. The light source should be behind you, not behind your subject. You can compensate by using the flash fill function of your camera. You get better results if you just make sure the light source is behind you.Well that’s all we have time for. I hope you enjoyed some of my beginning photography tips. For more information and articles relating to photography and digital cameras, please visit out site. Thanks for reading and good luck shooting.